Ginger Pride

A red-headed history of the world

Publication details

Publication date: March 1, 2018

Publisher: Smith Street Books

ISBN: 9781925418651

Carrot-top. Ranga. Ronald. Rusty. Fire-crotch. Red.

Given redheads only make up two per cent of the global population, why has society dedicated itself to inventing ever-more insulting nicknames for them?

It’s obvious: jealousy.

It’s time to stand up, redheaded and proud. Ginger Pride – your guide to the superior copper-topped world – details the red-hot influence that the carriers of the MC1R gene have had on the world at  large, from ancient times to present day. From Adam (of Adam and Eve fame) to Prince Harry. Ginger Pride is the call to arms the redheaded community has been waiting for!