Should I Buy This Book?

Life’s Hardest Decisions Made Easy … by Flow Chart

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Publication date: February 15, 2017

Publisher: Smith Street Books

ISBN: 9781925418279

Should you add your mum as a ‘friend’ on Facebook? How about getting that face tattoo? Is it the right time to quit your job? You’re at a child’s birthday party – is it wise to keep drinking? It’s late at night – are you thinking about texting an ex? Maybe you want to launch your Tinder profile? Before doing anything – think again and consult this book!

Should I Buy This Book? – think of it as the paper equivalent of a magic 8-ball – helps you make the best decision you can for life’s most common dilemmas using a nifty flow-chart. With five main sections – Work; Play; Romance; Family & Friends; and Body & Mind – and over 80 questions considered, we have your whole life covered.

In Line to the Throne

Prince Charles and the next 29 in waiting

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Publication date: June 1, 2016

Publisher: Smith Street Books

ISBN: 9781925418071

We all know who’s next in line to the throne. Or do we?

Well, yes, of course we do. It goes Charles, William, George, Charlotte, and then Harry. But what if by some fluke of intervention these five lost their stake to claim the crown and sceptre?

What then? Can you name the next five in line? Or the five after that?

In Line to the Throne boldly imagines the day Edward, Prince of Blunders, takes the reins. We’re readying ourselves for the coronation of Queen Beatrice of Headpieces; envisioning the moment a little person named Isla sits in the big chair and orders the muzzling of her grandmother’s rogue dogs; and we’re even getting ready to welcome in, as King, a boy named after a tree. So, come on, get yourself acquainted with some right royal knowledge about the lesser-known heirs to the British monarchy.

Hipster Baby Names

Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Names For Your Kid

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Publication date: May 1, 2016

Publisher: Smith Street Books

ISBN: 9781925418064

Having a child with a boring old family name isn’t enough these days – John and Jane just doesn’t cut it. How can you possibly keep up with your hipster neighbours?

Hipster Baby Names has the answer – give your child the most hipster name you can. For girls, you could try Anais, Enid, Beatrix, Beryl, Scout or Ethel, or Arlo, Atticus, Axl, Lennon or Bear for a boy. With helpful meanings (when they’re not completely made-up words – or taken from cult television shows such as Game of Thrones) you’ll be giving your offspring the best chance of a cool life.